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Living Canvas

Create unique and customised art from a living plant canvas! A stunning substitute for the ubiquitous potted plants and flat art in the home and office! Living Canvases create a vibrant, natural addition to any environment, both indoors or out.

Individual Customisation 

Living canvases are available in a multitude of sizes to suit your office decor and colour scheme and are set into picture frames which can be custom made to suit whatever look you are trying to achieve.

Plant Options

Almost any varieties of plant are suitable for use with the ANS Living Canvas system, allowing for endless possibilities of colour, texture and flowers. ANS’ purposely designed modules allow for easy, rapid installation and plant replacement. The frame doubles as a hidden water reservoir so a Living Canvas is designed to self water, with top ups recommended every six weeks. A discreet watering can icon appears when the reservoir requires filling, allowing for minimal effort to keep the plants healthy and nourished.

Use Your Imagination

Replacing the plant sections of the Living Canvas is quick and easy, allowing you to refresh the canvas and create a new look and feel in the minimum of time.

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